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Fall concept - beautiful woman drinking coffee in autumn park under fall foliage
Fall Begins
Start Date: September 22, 2024
End Date: September 22, 2024
The first day of autumn in the United States, also known as the fall equinox, typically occurs around September 22nd, marking the transition from summer to fall. On this day, there is nearly equal duration of daylight and darkness as the sun crosses the celestial equator. Autumn is greeted with a changing landscape as leaves transform into vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold. The air carries a crispness that signals the arrival of cooler temperatures. Families prepare for the season by engaging in classic fall activities like apple picking, enjoying pumpkin-spiced treats, and embarking on scenic drives to witness the beauty of the changing foliage. The first day of autumn in the U.S. symbolizes a shift in nature, inspiring a sense of coziness and appreciation for the unique sights and experiences that come with the fall season.
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